Unilock Pavers

Let Kushners and Unilock Pavers create your outdoor space

     Let your imagination go wild with Unilock’s unique wall and paving systems.  From traditional pavers to today’s most exciting shapes and colors, Kushners will help you create and realize your ideas for your outdoor area. 
From modular Outdoor Kitchens to quiet seating areas, we have the knowledge and experience to help you thru the design process and installation by our crews.  Those wishing to tackle Do It Yourself projects, we can help you with design and budget, but also help with the installation. 
     Unlike most home improvement stores or building supply companies, our crews have installed all these products and can answer your questions and give you a lot of helpful hints with delivery available.  We carry a large supply of the different wall and paver styles and colors.  This will allow you to see the actual product that you have chosen from the spectacular catalog that is loaded with idea’s.  
     Kushners allows you to pick up a small quantity in case you have chosen to make your project a little larger than planned.  We can special order any material seen on the Unilock website below.  Their plant is in Rittman, Ohio and we receive multiple deliveries per week, so out of stock items are filled quickly. After you have an idea of what you would like, we can help make a list of material needed and provide you with pricing for your project.  Our designers can also provide you with planting recommendations from our extensive nursery stock area.  The patio showroom personnel can help with high quality indoor/outdoor furniture selections that will make your project complete and last for many years with low maintenance.