We are the local distributor for Vicknor Sod Farms, producers of fine quality bluegrass sod grown on topsoil, not black muck..  We can arrange truckload deliveries or if you choose you can pick it up here by  full pallets with 150 yard minimum  You must first determine the amount of sod required for your project. This is done by multiplying the length of the area in feet by the width in feet, this will give you the total square footage of your area. Take your total square footage then divide by 9, this will give you the amount of yards of sod required. Our yard of sod is cut into 2 pieces measuring 3′ x 18″ both equaling 9 square feet.

For example: an area 10 foot wide by 12′ deep would be 10 x 12= 120 sq feet divide by 9 =  13.3 sq yards
Then you need to order 13.5 yards of sod