Modular Kitchens

Unilocks new U-Cara wall and Modular units are adding a new dimension for creating outdoor kitchens or covering old surfaces of concrete or masonry.  For new projects Unilock has many styles and colors of pavers  to compliment this wall system, or pick the colors that work with your existing patio. This proven wall system face units, with its various color and texture stone can now be added to your outdoor projects.  This gives the look and feel only stone can provide.  Professionals and DIY owners can easily install these products without Carpentry or Mason skills for all the face units come sized hang and lock on the metal grids.  The wall units can be lag bolted to any masonry wall or wood wall strong enough to hold.  You can create you own designs on either the wall or modular units.

Modular units can be as easy as a single grill island, or you can group them together for a very dramatic effect.  These are designed to keep all cuts to a minimum because of the corner units and face units are designed to cover with a minimal amount of cuts and no masonry skills except for the installation of doors or drawers. 

Kushners carries a complete line of Propane or Natural gas grills from Blaze at competitive prices.  They also provide outdoor refrigerators, side burners, stainless doors and drawer assemblies.  Plus we have the knowledge to help you design and price your project.  Plus help throughout the installation.  We have worked with these products not just read the book.

On the bottom of this page is a link to a brochure of the various size models that are available and also some installation suggestions.

U-Cara wall system

Below is a modular unit showing how the concrete face units can be used to cover your grill island or outdoor entertainment area.