Computer Design

See your project before you buy!


As shown in the picture, we can take your home photo and overlay our high quality pictures of plants on our computer properly sized to your home scale. This is a special service that we can provide for our customers. It is a simple process that can be a valuable tool for you to be able to decide what to plant in an area. Unlike freehand drawings that sometimes looks like a game of X & O’s. This will provide you with an alternative to be able to see actual plants placed into your landscape. Plants can be properly sized and placed on your photo’s. If you desire this service take several photos with your digital camera, being close enough so that plants placed on your photo will show up nicely. Also try to take them straight on and not at an angle. If area is large take 2 or 3 photos across the front and we can work with each, put prints together for a total picture. Cell phones work well, but you must e-mail to first so we can pull them off the internet, we have a chip reader for digital cameras. This is done on a time available, during busy times you can drop off or E-mail these with a phone number and description of what you are looking for. We can then contact you and set up a time to go over your ideas. Your decisions will be made easy seeing what it will actually look like, instead of trying to picture what symbols look like in your head against your home. We also load new introductions of plants into our digital database for the most up to date new possibilities, taken from plants that we have on stock.

This will guarantee you get the results and look that you have been after!