Computer Design

See your project before you buy!


As shown in the picture, that you provide.  Then we can take your home photo and overlay our high quality pictures of plants on our computer properly sized to your home scale. This is a special service that we can provide for our customers. It is a tremendous process that can be a valuable tool for you to be able to decide what to plant in and where. 

Unlike freehand drawings that sometimes looks like a game of X & O’s. Then trying to remember the description and look of each plant.  Then can  provide you with an alternative to be able to see actual plants placed into your landscape. Plants can be properly sized and placed on your photo’s.

Photo tips:

-If you desire this service take several photos with your digital camera or I-phone, being close enough so that plants placed on your photo will show up nicely. 

-Try to take them straight on and not at an angle. 

-If area is large, take 2 or 3 photos across the front and we can work with each. 

-Cell phones work well, and we also have a chip reader for digital cameras. 

-Please e-mail photos to 

This is done on a time available,  we suggest you E-mail these with a phone number and description of what you are looking for. We can then set up a time to go over your ideas and bring them to life that you can see.  This can be used in connection with our Plant Finder tool to get in-depth information and location requirements. We also load new introductions of plants into our digital database for the most up to date new possibilities.

This service requires the purchase of a $200.00 plant gift certificate..  It may be used for plant material only purchases.

This is a great tool to get the planting best suited to your idea’s and site.

This will guarantee you get the results and look that you have been after!